Our business tour started on Nov 13-17!

The five-day delegation tour to Ho Chi Minh City has departed Hong Kong and arrived safely in Ho Chi Minh City today! We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Consulate General of the S.R. of Viet Nam in Hong Kong for their full support and the Deputy Consul-General for taking the lead throughout the tour.

In the next few days, we will be participating in various interactive business discussions and business matchings arranged by the local government. We are also going to visit a few business and real estate development areas in Ho Chi Minh City to equip ourselves with the development trend of several key industries. Site visit to industrial parks is also an important part of the itinerary, so as to learn specifically about the industrial development of Ho Chi Minh City.

In the meantime, we are grateful and glad to take up the invitation from the Investment Promotion Centre for South Vietnam to visit their headquarters. With ITPC’s introduction about the latest investment opportunities in Vietnam, we hope that all the tour members will get to generate greater insights into the business environment of Ho Chi Minh City, but let’s not forget the authentic Vietnamese cuisine that we are going to bring to all the tour members in the upcoming five days!

For those who are not able to join us this time, please stay tuned for our updates in the next few days. We hope to bring more friends to visit Vietnam next time!

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Nov 13

Highlights of Day 1

Visited Bank of China Mo Chi Ming Branch and discussed with branch General Manager Mr Zhang about the elements in making Vietnam the Next Hottest Foreign Investment Hub?

1. A substantial population structure with an average age of 28-year-old. The age group of 30-year-old or below takes up 70% of the population;
2. Relatively stable political environment among ASEAN countries with little ethnic conflicts;
3. Comparatively low costs of lands and labour in addition to exchange rate stability;
4. Various preferential policies offered to enterprises with foreign investment;
5. Free trade agreements are signed with major developing countries to integrate into the international economic system and secure favourable conditions for exports of goods and services from Vietnam to the international markets;
6. Lower profit tax and VAT than China.

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Nov 14

Highlights of Day 2

Led by the Deputy Consul General, we participated in the Opening Ceremony and Business Forum of Vietnam’s largest food and beverage exhibition today as VIP. In addition to food and beverage tasting, local company representatives were also very keen to communicate with us; some of our tour members are even considering introducing their favorite foods to their Hong Kong restaurants and hotels! We had the privilege of meeting with the Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of the S.R. of Viet Nam in China after Business Forum, to discuss how Hong Kong SMEs can effectively leverage their strengths in the “Belt and Road” initiative and play the bridge role between China and Vietnam.

We attended an investment project seminar in the afternoon to learn more about real estate, tourism and related investment projects in Ho Chi Minh City. The host had also arranged a commercial vehicle to show us around Ho Chi Minh City for project site visit. We went to a high-end Vietnamese restaurant that was built in a historic French building for dinner. It was a great pleasure to listen to the business owner, Madam Doan’s sharing about her entrepreneurial story while enjoying the special menu she prepared for us!

Nov 15

Highlights of Day 3

The third day of our trip was extremely productive! We attended the “Hong Kong and Vietnam Business Exchange Conference” hosted by the Investment & Trade Promotion Centre in the morning. Nearly 50 Vietnamese companies across different industries came talk with our delegation and discuss local business opportunities. The director of the Investment & Trade Promotion Centre introduced the investment environment of Ho Chi Minh City at the meeting as well as discussing with us the contents and details of the key investment projects in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to government officials, representatives of local commercial banks were also there to explain details of financing in Ho Chi Minh City. A plethora of our tour members agreed that the information provided was very practical.

We visited the Investment Promotion Centre of South Vietnam in the afternoon to learn about the development opportunities and investment details of the entire southern region. It was a pleasure to present souvenirs to the directors. We continued to visit the industrial park afterwards to learn about the leasing and selling of factories there. Last but not least, we visited another Mediterranean restaurant with a joint venture at night, with chefs from France, Italy, and Spain. In addition to the very delicious food, the boss also exchanged tips on local operation and catering with us!

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Nov 16

Highlights of Day 4:

The delegation tour has come to the forth day, we traveled to a neighbour province, Long An, which is approximately 1.5 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City, to visit the local agricultural production site. At the first stop, we set foot at a dragon fruit plantation. With this first hand experience, some group members said that they even consider importing a large number of produce from that area to their hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong. Afterwards, we visited a seafood cultivation and processing factory, and the person in charge explained that they produced more than 120 kinds of seafood products, and introduced in detail the cultivation and processing methods of various seafood. With their sizeable production lines, we were able to look into different seafood processing methods.

We have seen local food produce factories, now it was time to taste their produce! We were honoured to be invited by the Director of Investment Promotion Department of Long An Province for lunch. In addition to locally produced rice wine, the dishes included different agricultural products as well as other local cuisine that were of authentic Vietnamese styles. In the afternoon, we arranged a visit to LAfooco, a well-known cashew producer in Vietnam, to meet with their CEO to discuss the details of investing in Vietnamese agriculture. The company was founded in 1985 and listed in Vietnam in 2005. Their products are now sold in many cities around the world; you can even find them in Hong Kong! Our tour member has decided to import a certain amount of cashew nuts into Hong Kong, guess how many bottles of cashew nuts can one container carry? (Contact us if you want to know the answer!) Last but not least, we paid a visit to an industrial park located about 40 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City. The person in charge of the local industrial park management company gave us a very warm welcome and introduced the relevant land prices and information. With the comparison of the environment and land prices between this industrial park and the one we visited yesterday, we managed to gain a deeper understanding of the prices and labor costs of different industrial parks in Ho Chi Minh City.

At the last dinner of this delegation tour, we selected a buffet restaurant located at the most popular shopping mall in the city. Vietnamese seafood was undoubtedly our focus of the night! Two lawyers were also invited to share with us legal advice about the acquisition of a company or an entire property in Vietnam at the dinner. With such satisfying dinner and pleasant talks, we were happy to call this the perfect ending for this 5-day delegation tour to Ho Chi Minh City.

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Nov 17

Highlights of Day 5:

On the very last day of the delegation tour, all the group members took their last chance to “conduct a site visit” at a market nearby with a common goal: bringing the best local souvenirs back to Hong Kong, so their Hong Kong friends can have an authentic taste of Vietnam too! It was a short and busy morning and we soon left for the airport after this quick round of shopping. We made an early arrival to the airport and it was surprising packed with long queues of passengers, which made us think that we would not make it onto the flight. Fortunately, Mr. Pham, the vice consul had already informed the airline about our identity as a diplomatic business tour, so they quickly opened a new counter for us! With their attentiveness, our trip had also come to a joyful ending.

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